Approximately 11:30 a.m. Caney Creek and Porter Fire Department responded to a reported major accident on Old Houston Road just south of SH 242. Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Jimmy Cox has just past through the area when the call dropped and was the first on the scene.

When he arrived he found a 4-year-old girl in a child safety seat trapped by a guardrail in the backseat of the vehicle. The female driver appeared to be in critical condition. Caney Creek Fire Department was able to quickly free the baby and start CPR as medics arrived.

MCHD transported the child to Conroe Regional Hospital with an escort of Precinct 4 Deputies. The 21-year –old female who is believed to be the child’s mother was transported a short time later in another ambulance to Conroe Regional in critical condition..

According to DPS Troopers , the female driver was northbound on Old Houston Road, which is posted at forty-five miles per hour. As she came into the curve just before the bridge, she told troopers that she caught some gravel. The vehicle then spun and hit the guardrail on the bridge with the right rear of the vehicle. The guardrail punched through the vehicle like a knife, striking the child and pinning her between it, the child seat and the body of the vehicle.

Old Houston Road was closed for almost three hours as Troopers investigated the crash.

The names have not yet been released as the attempt to determine if the woman was the mother of the child and who the actual owner of the vehicle is.

Just after 2:30 p.m. as the road reopened several students from Caney Creek High School were southbound on the roadway which is posted at 45 mile per hour. It was estimated the vehicles were traveling close to sixty or seventy miles per hour.

This bridge has been the scene of other crashes. Several years ago a vehicle went off the northbound side of the bridge killing one. Not long before that a young lady who had been southbound went off the bridge into the water. As the vehicle was sinking firefighters with what was then Grangerland Fire Department were able to free her from the vehicle and frigid waters.

Just south of there ay Payne Road another crash took the life of a Caney Creek student who was about to attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that night. His vehicle split into three pieces.

Before that another vehicle struck a tree killing the driver.

Todays crash is the first fatal crash in Montgomery County this year.