Cleveland Police are Investigating Weekend Armed Robberies

Last Friday at  11:23 p.m., the Cleveland Police Department’s dispatch received a call from a citizen claiming he had been robbed at gun point after using the ATM machine at Wells Fargo.

The victim told the dispatcher that he observed a maroon  passenger car drive into the parking lot and park behind his vehicle. The victim said upon completion of his banking transaction, he turned to walk toward his vehicle and was approached by two people who had exited the maroon car. One revealed a dark, semi-automatic handgun, pointed it at him, and demanded his money. “

The victim said he cooperated and gave them his cash, wallet, and cell phone. The gunman then ran back to the car and sped toward Charles Barker Street. The second individual stayed there threatening to harm the victim, but quickly turned and ran toward the car which stopped to pick him up. The vehicle was last seen travelling south on Charles Barker Street. There is a possibility the vehicle was occupied by several other people.

Both suspects were wearing dark sunglasses and red and white bandannas, according to the victim.

On Sunday at approximately 1:30 a.m., Cleveland Police officers were dispatched to the Valero Store located at 1109 E. Houston Street to a reported armed robbery.

Officers were told that two subjects entered the store from the east entrance door and that both had their faces partially covered with bandannas. Another subject entered the store from the west entrance door.

One of the suspects removed a handgun from his pocket, and pointed it toward the store attendant and demanded money. The attendant fully cooperated and handed the subjects the cash from the cash register. All of the suspects immediately fled from the store after receiving the money.

Police are offering these tips to citizens approached by a suspected robber:

* Try to remain calm; no quick movement, or sudden screaming

* Do not resist; cooperate with the Robber

* Look and try to obtain a good physical description without being obvious

* Give the Robber time to flee; and do not chase after them.

* Immediately report the incident to law enforcement.

The Cleveland Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is asking anyone who may have any information about the robberies to contact the Cleveland Police Department at (281) 592-2622, or the Department’s TIPline (281) 592-0800

all caller’s remain anonymous.