For the second time in less than a year the Cleveland Police Department has received a $4000 incentive award for their participation for TXDot Incentive Projects.

In November 2009, CPD participated in the statewide Labor Day “Impaired Driving Mobilization” and received a $4000 incentive award. Just recently CPD received another $4000 incentive award for their participation in the 2010 Memorial Day “Click It or Ticket” Incentive Project.

Texans are using their safety belts more than ever before. According to statewide surveys conducted by TXDot, a record high 91.83 percent of Texans buckled up in 2007 compared to the 90.44 during 2006. Before Click It or Ticket enforcement and public education efforts began in Texas in 2002, only 76.1 percent of Texans buckled up.

The current 91.83 percent safety belt usage translates into an estimated 1,600 fewer Texans killed in traffic crashes and an estimated 37,600 fewer injuries on Texas roadways since Click It or Ticket began.

According to Chief Bradshaw, Law Enforcement agencies who receive incentive awards can use these funds for traffic safety-related items such as in-car computers, video systems, radar, and highway safety safety-related training and or conferences.

The 2009 incentive award was used to purchase two handheld laser units for traffic enforcement and to send an officer to specialized traffic crash investigation training, said Bradshaw.

CPD plans to be involved in as many of these TXDot Projects as possible, it’s a win win for the community as well as the police department, said Bradshaw.

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