On Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 2:08 p.m., Sgt. D. Edwards was dispatched to the Cleveland Wal-Mart located at 831 U.S. Hwy 59. in Cleveland in reference to a citizen who had spotted a stolen van she recognized as belonging to the “Community and Children’s Impact Center” in Shepherd, Texas. A White 2000 Chevrolet Van had been reported stolen on Thursday, March 13, 2014 by the Children’s Impact Center and reported to the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department.

The van was reported to be parked in the fire zone in front of Wal-Mart; upon officers arrival they found the van unoccupied. Officers were able to set-up surveillance on the van to see if anyone would exit the store and attempt to drive off in it. Shortly after officers backed away a subject was seen exiting Wal-Mart and getting into the driver side of the van and suddenly driving off through the parking lot. Sgt. Edwards attempted to stop the van which was trapped between several parked vehicles in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The van stopped and the driver was ordered to exit the van. Officers stated the driver was very uncooperative. The driver physically pulled and pushed officers, but after a brief struggle he was subdued and cuffed.

The driver was identified as Jeremy Wade Wilson, age 33, of Shepherd, Texas. According to Sgt. Edwards Wilson was taken into custody and charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (State Jail Felony) Bond $15,000.00 , and Resisting Arrest -class (A) misdemeanor Bond $4,000.00.

Cleveland Police Department has been in communications with San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department, but it’s unknown if any further charges will be filed against Wilson. Wilson remains in the Liberty County Jail.

The Director of the “Community Children’s Impact Center ”Ms. Brenda Myers had called  investigator son Friday and sounded very distraught about the van being stolen. “I’m was very proud officers located the van and arrested the suspected thief due to the “Community Children’s Impact Center” organization be very instrumental in the lives of many of our youth in our community”. The van is still operable, although some of the advertising stickers and organizational Logo’s had been removed in order to disguise the stolen van.


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  1. Cannon10

    Jeremy is a thug who steals from his own mom. Of course he will steal again! He will never pay for this, he has no car, no home, doesnt pay his own way anywhere because he wont work. He just bums off everyone else who will let him.
    I agree, chop that hand off!

  2. Impactpresident

    This is Brenda Myers with the Community & Children’s Impact Center I want to first thank Tamarynn who seen the van first at walmart and called the Cleveland Police Dept she was on the phone with me as everything was happening. She was very scared and shook up but she was very brave and heroic. I then want to thank Sgt David Edwards for his every day bravery he gives to our community, to all of our media friends who shared the story and all my friends and family who shared hundreds of posts. And to all the people who I did not even know who joined the search for the van. We have it back but the outside is destroyed with huge gashes all te way to the metal where the logos was scrapped off. If you know anyone who can help get the van wrapped and restored we would be grateful. We are so proud and grateful to everyone. ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS. I am so tired of our houses, businesses, and our Churches being broken into. I am going to prosecute to the fullest and I too think he should have to pay to have the van redone. This van is very important to us and the community. I just hope the San Jacinto Police dept. sticks it to him and the others who were involved. It was not just Jeremy Wilson. we are looking for 2 Spanish guys in the Lake Run a Muck area who drives a silver car they were involved too. I hope the investigation continues to break up this ring of thieves.

  3. camzben

    We should start doing what they do to thieves in Saudi Arabia and cut off a hand.He would more than likely never steal again. As it is right now, it is more than likely he will steal again someday. Maybe next time he will not be caught.

  4. spk

    Make this guy pay for the logo and whatever else he destroyed. Sue him or something. Why should the victims have to replace the logo? That’s not justice–very unjust. Does nobody else realize the value of making criminals really pay the damage instead of just sit in jail/prison and get out to continue their chosen occupations–ripping people off and abusing them? If they really had to work once in a while, maybe they’d straighten up.

  5. jkayrobin

    I’m glad that Brenda got her van back and can not believe this guy had something to do with it 🙁 he lives in this community…shame on you!

  6. LocalDrifter

    (Sung to the tune of “Has Anybody Seen My Gal”)

    6 foot 2.
    Wearing ‘mug shot’ blue.
    He’s been jailed.
    Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo!
    Has anybody seen Jeremy?

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