Close Call Prompts Pct. 1 Lake Patrol to Issue Reminder to Boaters

On Friday, August 10, around 7:40 p.m., first responders on Lake Conroe received an emergency call about two people, in the water in distress. According to the reportee, two boaters were on Lake Conroe in a pleasure boat about 200 yards away from the shoreline, near Point Aquarius. The man and woman decided to jump into the water. The vessel was not anchored when they jumped in, and neither of them were wearing a life jacket. Due to high sustained winds from an approaching storm, the boat began drifting away from the couple, and they could not swim at the fast pace the boat was drifting.

The couple soon became separated from the boat and started yelling for help. A Point Aquarius resident heard the woman’s cries for help and called 911 before going to the distressed woman on a jet ski. The rescuer gave the woman a life jacket and took her back to shore, but the man was not immediately located. ESD 1 Fire Boat 94, Conroe Fire Boat 6, and Montgomery County Pct.1 Constable Lake Units responded to the scene and immediately began searching for the lost boater.

After a few intense minutes of searching, the man was found on the shore, approximately 100 yards away. The couple was screened by Fire Boat 94 and cleared medically at the scene, meaning they did not require treatment and were not transported to a hospital.

The vessel that was adrift was recovered approximately 1 mile away by Precinct 1 Constables Office Lake Units and returned to the owner.

The Constables Office would like to remind everyone that when entering the water, it is a good idea to be wearing a life jacket, or have a flotation device. Boaters are further urged to either anchor their vessel, or to maintain direct contact with it using a rope.


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