Friday evening Commissioner Metts was called to Main Street in Patton Village to assist in the repair of part of the road which washed out. After surveying the damage it was decided it needed to be pumped out and repaired. They planned on starting the work on Saturday. Metts said his crews stayed busy most of the day. Five bridges needed repair after the heavy rains. In addition road washout they had several other projects. Metts said for anyone who had flood debris to stack it at the curb or side of the ditch not blocking water flow. They plan to work on a schedule to start picking it up. Metts was also trying to keep up with the Senior Center at Bull Salias Park where his staff is accommodating close to 200 evacuees. Walmart donated a large quantity of food today including rotisserie chickens, water and supplies, the Food Bank also help as did the Red Cross with breakfast tacos and pizzas this evening. The shelter will stay open as long as needed with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office providing security. He also noted that on Old 105 there was so much water that the railroad bed was damaged. with trains backed up, the railroad made repairs today at several locations, one at FM 1314 where part of the roadbed was washed from the tracks. Also from Daw Collins to Faulkner and further east. Metts said in 63-years he has never seen an event like this. Harvey was over 4-days this was 30-inches in 12 hours. Places that didn’t flood during Harvey flooded. Other places that flooded during Harvey didn’t flood this time. The part is that the rivers and creeks were low and able to take a lot of runoff and nothing was being released from the Lake Conroe Dam.

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