Washington, DC – U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady, a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, released the following statement regarding today’s Ways and Means hearing with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen:

“Today, Commissioner Koskinen confirmed through his contradictory testimony that he withheld key evidence from the congressional investigation into IRS targeting, and intentionally misled the committee when he promised in May to deliver all of Ms. Lois Lerner’s emails without limitation.

“His continued claim that none of Ms. Lerner’s emails have been lost is contradicted by the IRS’s newest invention – that her hard-drive and server containing key years of emails has been irretrievably damaged and lost, along with the emails of six other key figures in the IRS investigation. That’s simply not believable.

“Given the clear evidence of criminal violations and confirmed pattern of untruthful agency statements, Commissioner Koskinen now leads the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in the history of the agency. It’s apparent he is no longer working for the American people, but it is one more in a long line of recent acting IRS commissioners whose main purpose is to mislead investigators and cover up this scandal.

“While Commissioner Koskinen and Congressional Democrats believe he is the victim and is owed an apology for being pressed to provide truthful answers into the investigation of IRS targeting of Americans for their political beliefs, I say he owes the targeted taxpayers an apology for the IRS trying to silence their voices.”


VIDEO: Brady to Koskinen: “This is the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in history.”

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  1. lastcountry

    “This is the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in history.”
    ” Everybody knows that ! ”
    Question is ,,,What the hell are you gonna do about it ??–Talk ??,,,

  2. spk

    The IRS isn’t any worse that any of the other federal or state governmental agencies and this has been going on for 20-30 years at its worst. The founding fathers wouldn’t even recognize our government today. When they founded it, the country was a homogeneous small group of people~~ all like-minded. Now, we are just the opposite–a mishmash of all kinds of Americans. We haven’t adjusted to this diversity and are still trying to make every one ‘just like me.’ It’s ruining our country.

  3. conroetx

    Finally the truth came out!! And people would say it was illegals juicying tax payer money??!!
    Sorry, I had to laugh at everyone that has ever said such a thing…………………
    LMAO!!! BAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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