At 2:30 Thursday afternoon as the driver of an 18-wheeler hauling an antique Peterbilt to the ship channel was involved in a crash at Wilson Road and Interstate 45 South. The driver said he was in the center lane when a silver car in the left lane and a maroon Impala in the right lane passed him. Just after passing both attempted to move to the center lane side swiping each other. The Impala with a female driver, her son and two nieces slip into the right hand concrete wall then bounced back striking the 18 wheeler on the trailer and rear axle. The impact was hard enough that it bent that axle.

The silver vehicle struck the left side wall. The only injuries were the four in the Impala. There were no child safety seats in the vehicle or seatbelts used. They were transported in stable condition.

Conroe Police closed Interstate 45 for over an hour as they worked the crash.

A Chrysler van was also involved in the crash from the debris field.


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