On Nov. 11, 2015 Conroe Narcotics and SWAT Officers, along with Montgomery Co. Precinct 2 Constable’s Office executed a search warrant in the 9400 block of Elliot’s Ct. The search warrant was obtained after a lengthy investigation and numerous complaints were received regarding the residence. Upon entry into the residence, Officers located 15 marijuana plants, methamphetamines, steroids, mushrooms and over $7000 in cash. Steven Cook, 31, and Abbey Meares, 44, were arrested on scene for possession of a controlled substance (F3) and Possession of Marijuana (SJF).


                  STEVEN COOK


            ABBEY MEARES

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  1. Crimedog

    People should be more concerned about Sleeper Cells living in their neighborhoods…..Because at the end of the day…..who really knows whom? You may think you know,.It’s on America now is the time to be on full alert for any and all crimes that may be a threat to all of us everywhere. Always be aware of your surroundings everywhere. And always report anything out of the ordinary..

  2. chickenlips

    ALL RIGHT!! Time for a little probation again.
    Monkey County turns um loose on the citizens 90% of the time.
    At least the Police agencys that arrested these nasty turds got a little money confiscated for themselves anyway.
    Good to have operating money that don`t cost the taxpayers anything. Good job!

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