Rodriguez,AmandaWednesday, the Conroe Police Department was contacted by DPS Trooper Will Frederick advising that he stopped a vehicle on I 45 near Calvary Road, because he observed an occupant attempting to exit the car as it traveled north on I45. Upon contact, the trooper learned that the person attempting to exit the vehicle was an apparent kidnapping victim. The victim had been taken by force from a parking lot at 2108 N. Frazier in Conroe, TX. Trooper Frederick contacted the Conroe Police Department, who took over the investigation. Further investigation revealed that the victim knew the two suspects and the three agreed to meet at 2108 N. Frazier to exchange property the suspects believed the victim had taken. The two suspects elicited the help of a third family member to transport the victim to meet with them. Once at the location, the two suspects placed a rope around the suspect’s neck and forced him into their vehicle. The suspect then fled northbound on I 45 with the victim. The suspects made threatening remarks on the victim’s life and the victim believed his life was in immediate danger. Once the victim observed the trooper on I 45, he was able to reach a door handle and attempted to jump out of the vehicle, hoping to gain the trooper’s attention. The family member who transported the victim to the meeting location was unaware of the intentions of the suspects. Once she observed the kidnapping, she followed the suspects and made numerous attempts to get the suspects to stop their vehicle. The two suspects were identified as Marcus Anthony Rodriguez, age 41 and Amanda Carolynn Rodriguez, age 32, of 9280 Everwood in Willis. . Marcus and Amanda Rodriquez were arrested for aggravated kidnapping and transported to Montgomery County Jail. Her bond has been set at $50.000. Marcus Rodriguez is still being booked into the jail at this time.

Amanda has been arrested several times before in Montgomery County. On May 8, 2005 she was arrested for DWI and received one year probation. Then on October 17, 2011 she was arrested by Conroe Police for theft of property. On June 15, 2011 she was once again arrested on a felony charge of injury to a child which was dismissed.



RODRIGUEZ,MARCUSANTHONYMarcus Anthony Rodriquez also has a long history in Montgomery County. You may have seen his photo here earlier this month when he was indicted by the Montgomery County Grand Jury on June 6, 2013 for a felony theft charge he committed on April 13, 2013.

On June 15, 2011 he was arrested for criminal mischief which was dismissed.

On November 28, 2011 he was arrested by Shenandoah Police for theft. He was given probation on that charge in October 2012.

On February 13, 2012 he was arrested by Willis Police for deadly conduct. He was also given probation on that case in October 2012.

On February 24, 2012 Home Depot Loss prevention spotted Rodriquez on the plumbing aisle stealing boxes of copper tubing. When Rodriguez attempted to walk out the contractor entrance, loss prevention attempted to stop him. Rodriguez punched the loss prevention officer in the nose and fled across the parking lot.  Conroe Police who had been called were arriving to see the suspect fleeing and gave chase, when they captured him he had a pair of wire cutters in his pocket. He was arrested by Conroe Police for copper theft but charges were refused on the assault of the loss prevention officer. In December 2012 he was given probation in the 359th District Court.

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  1. lastcountry

    sure would like to know how he got probation in all this cases,,was it the same judge in every case ?? or does ol Anthony just know something on someone ??

  2. conroetx

    I KEEP POINTING OUT TO EVERYONE THAT THE SYSTEM IS BACKWARDS, but no one is listening. I guess actions DO speak louder than words.

  3. navyvet2009

    No Kidding…. This guy cant even spell probation yet he has received it more times then it has letters!!! Can we get a real judge on this one please!

  4. texasmomof2

    This is why these idiots keep on committing the crimes. They get PROBATION instead of jail time. What’s wrong with these judges? Do they not see the criminal histories of these scum bags??? SMH!!!!!!

  5. LocalDrifter

    Don’t brother Anthony here resemble a grouper?

    God help us all if there are more fish in the sea just like him.

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