May 26, 2022 12:32 am



Kenneth Reeder bought a lottery ticket on his way home from the hospital Sunday, after spending the night at Conroe Regional because he was struck by lightning Saturday afternoon. Some of the first responders suggested he buy a lottery ticket because he was so lucky to be alive.
Reeder was working on a neighbor’s lawnmower just after 2 p.m., when a thunderstorm suddenly appeared.
“It started thundering and lighting, and raining a little bit, so I decided to come home,” Reeder said. “By the time I came through the gate and was entering my backdoor, lighting had hit me.”
Reeder, who has an implanted cardiac defibrillator, said he went to the ground when he was struck and was down for only seconds before he got up and went inside where he told his mother and his roommate what happened.
“It was just like BAM!” Reeder said. “It was like a shot and my fingers got all numb and my arm was numb – they say it’s like a stroke, I felt all numb on one side.”
His roommate said he saw what Reeder described as a “spark of electricity” in his room when the strike occurred, and multiple electronics in the home including a television and two computers were damaged by a surge of electricity, but nobody inside realized Reeder was struck until he walked through the door.
They called 911, and responding medics and firefighters were shocked to find someone talking and coherent after being struck by lightning. They transported Reeder to Conroe Regional Medical Center where he said one doctor said he was struck by lightning, but a second doctor told him that was incorrect. The second doctor visited Reeder during the night and seemed positive Reeder was not struck by lightning, but he disagrees.
“Man, I seen it! I seen it hit, I felt it hit, I felt it come out,” Reeder said. “You can’t tell me I wasn’t struck by lightning. I felt it. I seen it.”
Everyone says Reeder should consider himself lucky now, but he says he’s a little afraid to go outside after his brush with nature’s bad side.
“It’s like, what’s out there for me now,” he said.