On June 26, 2013 members of the newly formed Montgomery County Internet Crimes Task Force, comprised of Montgomery County Precinct 3, Montgomery Co. Precinct 4, Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, and the Conroe Police Department were conducting an investigation involving a social media website. While on the website, undercover officers were contacted by a 22 year old male requesting to meet with a person the suspect believed to be a 15 year old boy.

The suspect solicited a sex act and arranged a meeting location. The suspect arrived at the meeting location for the sex act and was subsequently arrested for online solicitation of a minor by members of the Montgomery County Internet Crimes Task Force.

The suspect was identified as Michael Taylor Hunley of 1900 Westview Blvd. in Conroe.

He has been placed in the Montgomery County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Hunley along with several others are part of a group called “The Three Puppeteers”. The group put on puppet shows for a fee catering to children not just in Montgomery County but in Houston. Just after Christmas they performed at the Woodland’s Children’ Museum.  Just 3 weeks ago they performed at the Houston Museum.  They have also done shows at several schools.

3 puppeteers

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