The quick response and an alert officer have landed two robbers behind bars.

At 7:15 pm two males entered the Loop Cleaners at 2117 N. Thompson and demanded money.  They fled the scene in a green Ford Expedition. An officer later spotted the vehicle in Northpine and Timber and the suspects were taken into custody. It was a short time later officers located the weapon the suspects used in the robbery.

Arrested were Alberto Padilla, 24, of 11410 Timber in Cleveland. He is currently in the Montgomery County Jail on multiple charges including, aggravated robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. Padilla also had multiple open warrants including failure to appear, no drivers license, expired registration, class C theft.

Also arrested was Trevor Garza, 20. of  31519 Boulder Cliff in Spring. he has been booked into the Montgomery County Jail on aggravated robbery charges.


Padilla, Alberto






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  1. spk

    Please don’t arrest them and then let them out like a merry-go-round–in and out and in and out. Burglars, robbers, and all kinds of scum abuse others and this is their occupation. They go to work just like we do, except it’s abusing others all day every day. Why don’t we get this and stop it instead of play the merry-go-round game? The people making our laws must be on drugs or alcohol. Our laws don’t stop these criminals.

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