December 7, 2022 8:34 pm

Posted: 2.9.2013 16:25


Conroe Police were notified of the Willis pursuit just as it was coming into their city limits. Within minutes they passed through the city of Conroe going over 100 miles per hour. Even though Conroe Police did not become involved in the chase with their vehicles they were very much involved with the chase with their dispatcher.

As Lionel Rodriguez sped south in his pickup truck with several officers close behind he dialed 911 on his cell phone. The call was routed to Conroe Police dispatchers.

Rodriguez stated that he was a wanted fugitive and he was not going to give up. He stated he was going to have to be stopped with another method by police.

The dispatcher first notified the pursuing officers of the situation and then continued to talk to Rodriguez.

Several times during the chase the line disconnected as he hung up. The dispatcher called right back and they talked more.

As the chase approached West Little York in Houston a Harris County patrol car pulled up next to Rodriguez. It was at that point he told the dispatcher that if he could go to the Montgomery County Jail instead of Harris County he would surrender. He was promised that but continued southbound.

As he approached the South Sam Houston Toll Road the dispatcher was able to contact Rodriguez boss and with him on 3-way both began to talk with Rodriguez.

Just before they got to SH 288 the dispatcher gave a plea stating he hadn’t hurt anyone yet, please give up and stop. It was at that point he stopped in the middle of the road and was taken into custody.

During his takedown and his trip to the Montgomery County Jail he was extremely calm.

Once at the jail he was said to be quite respectful and openly answered questions.

Rodriguez, who lived in Willis but has since moved to Huntsville told officers he was just down the street from a family members house where he planned to spend the night, when the chase began.

Lionel Rodriguez is now in the Montgomery County Jail charged with. evading arrest, failure to appear on a child support case, forgery and a probation violation for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance in Dallas.