At 4:00p.m. Conroe Police were dispatched to the 300 block of North Loop 336 east to the Discount Bakery Store. It was reported that a male was at the front door banging on it with a shotgun. Multiple units responded.

The first unit arrived on the scene and advised the dispatcher that the man indeed did have a gun and was pointing at him. He advised the dispatcher if the bakery was still on the phone to tell them to get away from the windows.

The next transmission was broadcast with,”shots fired, shots fired, officer down, officer down get PHI (air medical) in the air and get an ambulance.

The scene was next door to Conroe Fire Station Two.

At this time one officer has been flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition with shot gun blast to the face.

The suspect is dead on the scene.

Traffic on 336 is down to one lane each direction, please avoid it. This scene will probably be going on for 5-6 hours.


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  1. jimmy.cammack

    It is horrible when anyone is shot and killed…After Aiyana Jones, Todd Blair, and Oscar Grant…I’m a little apathetic when a cop gets shot. Most of the laws being enforced have very little do with keeping us from harming one another – or catching those who do. I’ll start caring again when Montgomery County starts respecting the Constitution and gets rid of ideas like the “No-Refusal Weekend.”

    I just don’t feel bad when goverment enforcers get a taste of their own medicine from time to time. What is sad is the same cop, would have arrested the wife had she been carrying a weapon without a licence, and successfully defended herself against the husband. Cops enforce the laws that made the woman in this situation defensless and dependent…so I don’t feel sorry for them.

  2. Catlette

    OMG–I’m praying very hard that this officer will make it and be able to go home to his family–please don’t let him be the second officer in the city of Conroe to die in the LOD–please God~~~

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