At 2:30a.m. this morning Conroe Police were dispatched to a possible robbery in progress at the Zone D Erotica at 823 Interstate 45 near Bellshire. An off duty Conroe Police officer heard the call dispatched. He had just gotten off duty and was on the feeder in his personal pickup truck.

That officer turned into the strip center as two masked men were leaving. The officer exited his vehicle and identified himself. Another Conroe patrol unit pulled in behind the first officer. One, or possibly both  of the suspects open fired on the officer striking the hood of his truck and the right front tire.

The officer returned fire striking one of the suspects several times. That suspect is identified as Hoke Eberhardt Jr. of Conroe. It is unknown if the second suspect was struck. When Eberhardt was struck he dropped some clothing he had stolen and cash that was stolen from the till.  Both suspects continued running along the sidewalk of the strip center to the north and around the building. It was there one of the suspects dropped.

The other suspect fled the area and police are still searching for him.

MCHD and Conroe Fire Department responded to the scene. The victim was transported under guard to BenTaub Hospital where he is in critical condition and in surgery.

The scene cleared moments ago as a wrecker picked up the suspects pickup truck for further processing.

The store employee was not injured.

This store has been robbed  eight times in the past, one of those robberies just two weeks ago.

The search continues for another suspect. Police are asking if anyone spots a suspicious person to contact Conroe Police at 936-522-3200. He is described as a dark skinned male 5 feet 7 inches and possibly in his mid-twenties.

The officers names are not being released at this time.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office also responded to the scene as standard procedure with a officer discharge of a weapoin.


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  1. scratchnmyhead

    “The store has been robbed 8 times in the past.” How about closing! Duh! How much legitimate business are they conducting during the late hours anyway??!!?? Give me a break!

  2. abailey2654

    I agree!! I’ve been jobless, had bill collectors calling all day everyday, had a vehicle re-possessed but never did I once steal to make a living, I merit that to being raised correctly and with a belt accross my butt. People like this have nothing to lose and obvisouly dont care about the well being of others. Good for you Mr. Off duty police officer, thank you for your dedication to the law abiding citizens of Conroe!!!!

  3. Catlette

    Crooks hit this place all the time–good for that off-duty cop~ too bad he didn’t get the other one. Sorry his truck was damaged in the fight.

    I’m sick of crooks stealing–go get a job–I don’t care if it is working at McDonald’s at least you have some money comin in and don’t have to rob for it. I’m all for justice and at least one of these guys got what he deserved for being an IDIOT~!!

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