conroe sgt. keleman speaks out for the first time since saturday shooting.

This afternoon Sgt. James Keleman described the scene of the shooting he was involved in on Saturday. He said he didn’t see people in the window because they were tinted but he did worry about them behind the glass.

He said after he was shot he was down on all fours and seeing the blood flowing thought he was going to die. He called his wife Stacy to tell her he had been shot. “I really wondered if she would really believe me as to the pranks I pulled”, Keleman said.

He said the pellets in his sinus cavity and head would remain and would work themselves out. His eye was removed Monday and an artificial eye was put in its place. Next a ceramic les will be attached. His eye muscle is still intact and even though he won’t see out of his right eye it will track with his other eye.

He told of how he wants to go back to the streets and calling the officers who assisted him the real hero’s.

He was considering going to the driving range this afternoon to see how he does as he loves golf, fishing and hunting.

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