Once again postings will be late this morning. Consolidated Telephone who supplies television, dial-up and dsl fails to notify it’s customers when they decide to do maintenance on their system. As stories were being uploaded this morning the net went dead. A phone call to Consolidated and a long wait for customer service comes with an answer that they are currently doing maintenance and it will be back up at 3:30am.

Consolidated charges premium prices for sub-standard service. In the past several weeks even their digital television service encounters problems. If you pause a show and then continue it the lips just don’t seem to match what is coming out of their mouths. There is constant distortion problems with many channels.

Consolidated seems to fill mailboxes  weekly with advertising but fail to disclose their problems.

Unlike Dish or Direct Consolidated only allows you to record one program at a time. Just make sure it is recording as many times it shows it is when it really isn’t. Other times when you try to replay a recording t shows and error message or shows it didn’t record. When you contact Consolidated Tech Support they walk you through resetting your box and usually by the time it finishes you have your recordings again.

If you are serious about looking for a service you need to be aware of Consolidated Telephone issues.

Once it come up again we will be posting yesterdays stories.

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  1. Rick

    Just be glad you aren’t forced to use satellite internet! If a mosquito flies in front of my dish, a leaf falls in front of it, or (God forbid) it rains, then no internet…

    I like living in the ‘country’, but really do miss having high speed access. At least it is faster than Dial-Up (when it is working).

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