December 3, 2022 3:36 pm

Posted: 9.10.2015 11:42


Monday night, during the Society of Samaritans meeting, Scot Wall (pastor of Magnolia Bible Church) contacted Constable David Hill and told him SOS was in immediate need of can goods. That night  a food drive was planned and would begin the next day. It was put on Facebook and immediately started to get responses from our community that wanted to help. Tuesday morning we had people waiting at the Constable’s office to make donations. By 9am, Richard & Dove Wible from S & B Towing stopped by the office with a  $1000 donation. Constable David Hill, Judge Matt Masden, Commissioner Charlie Riley, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal (not pictured) and State Rep Cecil Bell Jr contacted one another and gave additional funds as well. The Constable contacted Gary Hefner with HEB(Spring Cypress/FM 2920) and asked if there was a way to stretch the donations,  in which Gary was able to do by contacting Harlan Hooks(VP of Marketing Houston Division) and HEB so graciously would match dollar for dollar and would even deliver and help unload it as well! So Gary Hefner the unit director at HEB Spring Market along with his employees loaded a truck and delivered the goods Monday Oct 5, 2015.



Top Left In pictures above Garrison Hefner helping unload

Top Right Left to right (Commissioner Charlie Riley, Judge Matt Masden, Constable David Hill and Gary Hefner)

Bottom Left Picture (Richard and Dove Wible with S&B Storage and Towing)

Bottom Right ( Heb Store #610 Employees, State Rep, Cecil Bell Jr, Leaders at SOS Mildred Rickett and Ray Seed along with the volunteers at SOS)