After the second time in as many weeks of illegal activity at the same home on Pine Post in the Cumberland Subdivision Constable Hayden asked for the residents to be their eyes in the area.

Tuesday night deputies arrested five suspects and recovered one vehicle stolen in Harris County. In addition discovered additional drugs in the home.  The arrests Tuesday night were the result of neighbors being observant and contacting authorities when suspicious activity was detected. The person say the suspects pull up after dark in two vehicles. She gave dispatchers the license numbers. One of the vehicles came back stolen.

Constable Hayden explained to the almost forty residents that attended the block party on what to watch for and who to call. He also addressed other concerns from juveniles roaming the streets after curfew to 4 wheelers to suspicious activity in the wee hours of the morning.

One woman told the crowd how her house could have burned down when last week Constables discovered an extension cord run from her air conditioning shut-off to the home next door. That home owned by Michael and Dorothy Taylor had the power disconnected several weeks back. They were stealing her power to keep things in the house going. She explained how they had to actually go through her gate into her backyard to get to the box and how the wires were just hanging causing a fire hazard.

Michael Taylor was arrested last week along with his girlfriend on open warrants and a stolen SUV in the garage.

Tuesday night Michael Taylors wife and several friends were arrested for charges ranging from unauthorized use of a motor vehicle to possession of marijuana.

He also promised that in spring the four-wheeler patrols would start again. Constable Hayden also asked the people in attendance to get to know their neighbor, talk to your neighbor and watch out for each other.

Any other neighborhood that would like to meet with Constable Hayden and form a block party or Civic Association is asked to call his office.

Constable Hayden also made a stern warning to criminals, especially anyone attempting to partake in illegal activity on the Pine Post home,”We now have almost fifty additional people watching your activities and we will not tolerate any criminal activity in the area.”

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  1. Wade

    I agree either beeping up and cracking down but I pay taxes as well, why do i still have a Meth lab next door to me and where’s our extra patrol? Forget extra, where are the police in east county? It is so bad in my neighborhood and the dealers know they can get away with it in my area and more come in every month.

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