Since early Thursday morning Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lake Patrol has been working as hard as if not harder than they do on a weekend during the summer. Wednesday night the rains came. This brought the Lake Conroe lake levels up more. The front came through this morning bringing with is high winds and frigid temperatures. Many boat owners did not have their boats tied properly or several boats came off floating docks as the water came up. Lake Patrol responded to almost a dozen calls today. They were up against 4 to 6 foot white caps across the lake. Lt. Cade said Lake Conroe is bulkheaded almost all the way around. Unlike ocean waters the lake is what he calls a bathtub effect. Waves come from all directions without any kind of timing between them. Of the boats recovered some suffered minor damage. Cade said when they get to open water the wind picks them up like a sail. If the boats were able to make it to the dam area, the rocks would destroy a boat. It was even a challenge to dock the patrol boats with the intense winds. Cade said they much respond to all calls as it is not known if someone could be on board or not.




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