This past week Constable Mark Herman’s Office received a complaint in reference to multiple trespassers living on land at Fernglade and Stuebner Airline. When Deputies entered the wooded area, they found multiple people living in tents and other items in a homeless camp on the property.

Constable Deputies also found dogs that were tied up and abandoned at the location, and were able to identify three individuals at the camp. One suspect was in possession of suspected illegal drugs, which have been sent to the lab for testing. In addition, a suspect was also in possession of other people’s social security cards and other identifications. All suspects on location were issued criminal trespass warnings. The two dogs on location were rescued by Constables and Harris County Animal control.

Constable’s did not make any arrests on this day, and gave the suspect’s information to Hopes Haven, which is a facility where they can receive meals daily. Deputies also gave them information on other shelters that can help them in their current situation.

The property owners will be cleaning the site and removing debris at their own expense.

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  1. East cnty redneck

    NO ARREST ? REALLY ???? In possession of other people’s social security cards, drugs, trashing other people’s property . well now, y’all just hand all that over, go to this shelter and have a nice day . Isn’t having someone’s social called identity theft ? This just floors me, because that’s like a slap on the hand, YOU KNOW they will do it again but someplace else

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