Constables Identify 2nd Suspect in Violent Robbery of Elderly Female! Charges Filed Suspect WANTED !!!!!!

Constable Investigators have been working around the clock to get the second suspect in the violent aggravated robbery that occurred yesterday in the 23200 block of Hwy 290 identified.

Investigators today were able to identify Travonn Johnson as the suspect that drove up during the robbery in the black Chrysler 300 vehicle, beat both victims, and then ran both victims over with the vehicle. In the video, he was wearing a white shirt and white under wear. Travonn Johnson has been filed on for Aggravated Robbery with a deadly weapon.

The other suspect arrested by our Constable Deputy at the scene yesterday, Davis Dowell Mitchell was given a NO BOND today and is currently in jail.

“We would encourage Travonn Johnson to turn himself in to law enforcement. The teams of law enforcement that are currently looking for him are not helpless citizens, and will approach him as the suspected violent individual he is,” said Constable Mark Herman.

Investigators have already began to zero in on the other suspects involved in this robbery. Stay tuned more to come.

To view the video of this violent robbery go to:

Johnson, Travon

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  1. bbarr

    Victims and taxpayers ask that law enforcement do us all a favor…..please empty your service weapon(s) into this worthless POS immediately when found

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