Convenience Store Sting


The Cleveland Police Department has been conducting a month long initiative with assistance from the T.A.B.C. (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) regarding local convenience store complaints. Investigators from both agencies have been checking local convenience stores to ensure they are operating within the parameters set by both state law and local ordinances.

Those found in violation have received citations and penalties which are enforced when applicable.

A recent follow-up inspection found all of the convenience stores within the city limits to be in compliance.

Store employees have been very cooperative with law enforcement. We have focused on educating businesses on what is and is not considered Prohibited Smoking Products (City Ordinance – Chapter 82 – Article 1 – Section 82-3).

The Cleveland Police Department is very appreciative of the assistance provided by the T.A.B.C. Agents assigned to this area have been very helpful in monitoring businesses for various violations.

Compliance checks of local convenience stores will continue to be performed by the Cleveland PD. Anyone who has questions or observes violations are asked to contact Captain Scott Felts at the Cleveland Police Department (281-592-2622) or the CPD Tip Line 281-592-0800.

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