Cop Killer Executed

HUNTSVILLE—A list minute appeal failed to stop the Wednesday execution of Jeffrey Demond Williams. The 37-year-old was sentenced to death for the murder of a Houston police officer 14 years ago.

Williams shot and killed Officer Troy Blando on May 19, 1999 with a gun hidden in on his person as Blando attempted to handcuff him. Blando was arresting Williams after noticing him driving a Lexus that was taken during a carjacking just over a week prior. He was captured a short distance from the scene of the shooting, still wearing one handcuff.

Williams was put to death by lethal injection. His execution marked Texas’ sixth for the year.

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  1. Alan

    This guy was a thug to the last. I don’t know if anyone reading this has read what his last statements were; they weren’t nice.

  2. LocalDrifter

    The back story behind the shooting is more tragic. It’s possible Officer Blando would have survived his injury had it not been for the Hire the Handicapped Political Correctness crap at operational dispatch.

    Houston Fire was delayed 15 minutes or so locating Troy Blando due to incorrect dispatching of shooting address. (Ramada Inn, Southwest Frwy between Hillcroft and Bellaire) Turns out dispatcher was hard of hearing and bunged location address. I believed he broached his concern of his impairment with supervisors but they kept him planted in his seat. This idiocy led to a fine officers death. Waiting 14 years to flush a toilet is way too long.

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