At approximately 1 am on June 4th San Jacinto County Deputies responded to a Copper Theft on Hwy 150 E. just passed FM 222 that had just occurred. Deputies followed some 4 wheeler tracks from the scene back to a residence on the Foxes Run subdivision located across from Coldspring Intermediate School.
Deputies found copper wiring, and an active methampetamine lab. The suspect, later identified as James Anderson, aka “Cookie Ray” was taken into custody and the MIG team (Methamphetamine Initiative Group) called in. The scene was held until the MIG team arrived at first light where they recovered approximately 600 grams of methamphetamine, and approximately 100 pounds of industrial copper wire.
Charges of Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled substance, Possession/Transport Chemicals with Intent to Manufacture a Controlled Substance, Theft – Copper, and Burglary of a Building have been filed.

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  1. whowouldofthought

    wonder what this man will get again … thats a crime to do it all over again.. people wont learn but want to judge others now aint that something..

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