July 3, 2022 6:54 am


copper thieves shut power off to 2000 customers

Heavy weather moving through the Liberty County area coupled with the early morning theft of copper wiring from a Sam Houston Coop, power station resulted in power outage for approximately 2000 homes and businesses in this county.

At approximately 5:am this date, Sheriff Deputy Sherry Starkweather responded to a call to the Sam Houston power station located on CR 2176 in mid-county regarding the theft of copper wiring. Preliminary investigation showed that someone had cut a hole in the security fence surrounding the power station and had cut the copper wiring to several breaker poles as well as to two (2) transformers.

Representatives for Sam Houston reported this theft of copper wiring resulted in over $10,000 in both loss of wiring and labor to restore what was stolen. Estimates were reported to Deputy Starkweather from Sam Houston that it would take approximately six (6) hours from the 5:am Sheriff’s Department report  to restore power to those homes and businesses. By noon today, all but four (4) locations had been powered up with the remainder to be returned to full service in a short while.

Investigation is continuing by both the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department as well as Sam Houston Coop. to determine who was responsible for this theft at a time when Liberty County residents were already dealing with severe weather related conditions and power outages.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone who may have seen suspicious persons in or around this power station to call the Sheriff’s Department at (936) 336-4500 and report the activity. Your name will remain confidential, In addition, it should go without saying that anyone attempting to cut such electrical power lines stands the potential risk of electrocution.