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Just after 11am Friday, Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Eli Rivera was northbound on US59 near FM 1314 doing the posted speed limit when he was passed by a 1973 Dodge Challenger in excess of 100mph. He initiated a pursuit which lasted just a short distance when the driver pulled over. As the deputy waited for backup the driver was seen in his vehicle leaning over in the passenger seat and also going through what appeared to be some clothing.

As Rivera’s backup arrived they approached the vehicle from the passenger side. There he observed a briefcase open on the passenger seat and the white male driver who was dressed in medical scrubs behind the wheel.  He also noted his eyes were bloodshot and pupils very small.

Rivera than asked the reason for him driving at that speed. The driver identified as Dr. Felix Nabor Sabates Jr. age 50 of Houston. He advised the deputy he was enroute to the Cleveland Hospital to check on a patient he was called out for.

Inside the open briefcase the deputy noticed a small blue bag with a variety of different pills. Also there was a black grinder with a white substance in it.  The Doctor explained the pills were left over from what his patients brought him to dispose of properly.

On the floor was a second blue bag containing numerous syringes and some small sealed bottles and needles.

The deputy then asked the  Doctor to step out of the vehicle and around the back to do a field sobriety test. As he attempted the test the Doctor was unable able to perform as he could not keep his balance.

The Doctor was placed in custody and as the deputy did the inventory of the vehicle for the wrecker slip he found a partially filled bottle of Marcaine in the center console. Deputy Rivera was also advised this car was the original car in a Hollywood Movie.

The Doctor consented to giving a sample of his blood and was transported to Kingwood Hospital by Deputy Rivera. As they arrived at the hospital  the Doctor refused to give blood and was transported to the East Montgomery County Annex.

The white powder in the grinder and over 50 oval unidentified capsules tested positive for cocaine.  Also identified was Morphine, Hydrocodone, Adderil, and almost 60 additional unknown pills.

He was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on multiple charges of possession and for DWI. His bond was set at $1000 for the DWI, $20,000 for the second degree felony possession Cocaine), $20,000 for the second degree felony possession (morphine), $10,000 for the third degree felony possession (hydrocodone).

The Doctor is listed on Public Data as having a Pain Management Clinic on Garth Road in Baytown and an Ophtalmology Practice in Kingwood. The Texas Board of Medical Examiners also has Dr. Sabates has having hospital privileges at Houston Northeast Medical Center in Humble. It also does not list him as being registered for Dangerous Drugs or Controlled Substances.

.According to the Texas Medical Board Dr. Sabates has been up before them before.

Sabates, Felix N. Jr., M.D., Kingwood, TX, Lic.
An Agreed Order was entered on 9-7-01 publicly
reprimanding the physician and assessing an administrative
penalty in the amount of $2,500. Action due to
failure to practice medicine in an acceptable professional
manner consistent with public health and welfare.

In June 1994 the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners  held a hearing. In that hearing it was disclosed that Dr. Sabates On or about October 15, 1993, voluntarily admitted himself to Anchor Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. (Talbott Marsh Recovery Program) for a 96 hour evaluation due to alcohol and cocaine abuse, and a history of a suicide attempt in 1992.

He was then admitted to Charter Hospital in Austin on October 25, 1993 and discharged in December 1993 from Charters Addictive Disease Program.

At the time the doctor who was caring for him wrote: Dr. Sabates theraputic response is excellent, and in the professional opinion of his treating Doctor Taylor that his involvement  with drugs was related to his previously undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

At that time Dr. Sabates responded to the board the he is committed to a life without alcohol or drugs.

After this hearing the Texas Board of Medical Examiners Ordered that Dr. Sabates license to practice medicine in Texas is suspended. However the suspension was stayed and he was put on probation for five years.