Cops find Kids and booze at SMC party

On January 17, 2010, around 1:30 AM, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to complaint about a loud party causing a disturbance at an apartment complex located at 1481 Sawdust Road.

Deputies arrived to find several people on a balcony yelling, and people who were obviously minors leaving an apartment. Once inside, they saw several teens and adults, with beer bottles and cups, and a beer keg. Nearly a half pound of marijuana was found in the residence.

Twenty-six people were detained.

The legal resident of the apartment was arrested and charged with Furnishing Alcohol to Minors and 11 citations were issued for Minor in Consumption to underage drinkers.

The minors were released to their parents.

Robert Leshayne Powell Jr., 20, was charged with Furnishing Alcohol to Minors and Possession of Marijuana.

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