A four-vehicle crash closed FM 2090 East at the Montgomery/Liberty County line for close to an hour Tuesday afternoon. FM 2090 East is one of the main roads going to the Plum Grove area which has boomed with development in the past several years. Close to 10,000 homes have been built in six new subdivisions. The only other access to the area is from Cleveland or from FM 1485. However, from the FM 1485 side, the road is covered in large potholes and a bridge that washed out during Harvey remains unrepaired. East Montgomery County Fire responded to this call along with Plum Grove Volunteer Fire Department and Montgomery County Hospital District Ambulances. Liberty County has only one ambulance located in the area. With less than a half dozen in the entire county. Four victims were transported, five required no medical attention.


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  1. Michael

    ps. From the 2090/1010 side our road is also covered in swiss-cheese like “potholes”, only they aren’t normal potholes (which are generally half-moon shaped) these areas are where the pavement is simply missing now (ie. the holes drop vertically like 6 inches then go back up 6 inches on the other side of the hole; it’s straight drop-offs very damaging to our vehicles!).

    After TS Imelda a Cajun Navy boat being pulled down Plum Grove Rd in front of the old Sallas Grocery Store dropped a trailer wheel down into 1 of these holes and ripped the trailer axle out from under the boat, blocking the roadway there for most of the day while they tried to find a way to get the trailer welded back together…. yeah it’s that bad out here!

    pps. Also note that our main road washout at the Rocky Branch location has NO flashing lights NO reflectors or anything to alert drivers at night that the roadway is blocked by concrete barriers now… there are numerous auto parts front ends headlights and busted up grills littering the area from people ramming into the concrete barriers after sunset! Why the city and county haven’t been sued for that yet I have NO idea! It’s incredibly unsafe and negligent IMHO and it isn’t like they (city and county officials) don’t know it for a long time already!

    1. Michael

      Otherwise known as “illegal aliens”.

      Our roads are trashed now no matter which way you try to get into our city, the fire department that was once ours now spends all it’s time responding to the Colonia’s problems, sewage flows out from the Colonias thru OUR neighborhoods on a regular basis, Colonia’s storm water drainage systems flood our neighborhoods and into our homes regularly now (4 times into my home since 2017, and dozens of times my yard has been submerged since 2016!). We now have an annual murder rate. And the power goes on and off when it’s freezing cold or very hot outside since Entergy cannot keep up with the electricity demands of those 16,000 acres of Colonia’s that surround us now! A growing concern is what’s going to happen when a Hurricane Ike level hurricane strikes this area and tears the electric grid apart out in the Colonia’s and then all their sewage lift pump stations will be lacking power for weeks, where does the sewage go without power to run the pumps???

      Lastly the developer already built 1 sewage treatment plant out in the 100 year flood plain next to the East Fork (which was flooded and severely damaged during Hurricane Harvey for which the developer got a lot of FEMA money for as a result)… so now he’s constructing 3 more sewage treatment plants IN THE EAST FORK FLOODWAY, even LOWER and closer to the river than his other plant. How’s that supposed to work out if anything near Hurricane Harvey or TS Imelda or May 7th 2019 happens again with sewage plants down in the river’s floodway (lower than the 100 year flood plain!)?

      Something stinks in Liberty County, and it ain’t just the numerous sewage leaks from the Colonia’s worst infrastructure in the county!

      1. Michael

        And with all the serious issues the Colonia’s have, why is nobody reporting on nor investigating this mess that’s turning Liberty County into something worse than a 3rd World Country (as per a DPS Trooper I spoke with after he had been thru the Colonia’s in 2016)? The county refuses to investigate sewage leaks out in the Colonia’s anymore, Liberty County Hazmat has been told NOT to take water samples when sewage is suspected out there now… and the developer has covered over lab test confirmed sewage leaks rather than fixing them, out of sight out of mind apparently. This is corruption pure and simple yet nobody seems to care!

    2. Michael

      It’s estimated by the US Census that there’s some ~24,000 people currently living in the Colonia’s surrouding the City of Plum Grove today, and the projection is for there to be over 70,000 in another year or two according to our mayor. That’s about the same as the entire 2010 Census Population of Liberty County in total!

      And if you don’t think this won’t have an impact on neighboring cities and counties, then have I got a sweet house to sell you! Please, come buy my house it’s not even in a FEMA Flood Hazard!!!! 🙁

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