We are still on the scene of a major accident on Old Houston at Payne Road. About 4:30pm Caney Creek Fire Department was dispatched to the crash and arrived on the scene with a 19-year-old male trapped in the truck.

Witnesses say the truck was southbound on Old Houston and passed a female in another pickup at a high rate of speed. At that point he ran off the shoulder on the east side of the road. He then over corrected, sliding sideways in his Ford F-150 he slammed into a tree tipping onto its roof and pinning him in. The engine compartment split from the truck and slid approximately fifty feet. The bed of the truck flew over a horse pasture fence, striking the fence about five feet off the ground and slid under a shed on that property.

After an extensive extrication with Life Flight overhead he was finally freed and being in very critical condition it was determined to transport him to Hermann Woodlands Hospital Trauma Center as if CPR was needed it cannot be done in the helicopter.

He was then transported to Memorial Hermann in Houston where he is now in surgery.

This was the second accident on Old Houston Road today. Close to noon an SUV flipped just one hundred yards down the road. The female driver and her baby were uninjured.

Many people on the scene made comments how nobody abides by the 45 mile per hour speed limit.


I normally don’t post this many photos but I think by maybe some of the young drivers out there seeing what the power  a vehicle has and how easily they can turn from driver to victim.



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