Just after 5pm Tuesday a black Toyota Tundra was reported to have been travelinsouth on FM 3083 at a high rate of speed and driving dangerously to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Moments later that changed when reports of a head on crash started to come in. The crash happened on FM 3083 between Conroe and Grangerland.The Toyota Tundra with a female driver, a female passenger and a small child crossed over the center line and struck a Chevrolet Tahoe head on. The Tundra burst into flames. Several witnesses stopped and sprang into action as they were able to pull the child out. The two females perished. In the Tahoe was a male driver, a female passenger and three small children. The both the adult male and female also died. The children were pulled from the wreckage but were seriously injured.  MCHD responded to the scene and transported two twins age 1 to Hermann Hospital in Houston. A third child  was transported to Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands and was later transferred to Memorial Hermann I Houston in critical condition. A two year old who was also critical was flown from the  scene by PHI Air Medical. Caney Creek Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire in the Tundra and began to try to extricate the male driver but it was too late.

FM 3083 was closed until after 10pm as the DPS conducted the investigation. Montgomery County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Spikes responded to the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the deceased to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Vehicular Crimes Unit also responded to assist in the  investigation.

DPS has not yet released the names of the victims.



On 04/19/2016 Robert Moreno 2yrs old, Isay Moreno 1yr old and Jonathan Moreno 1yr old (Twins) from Conroe,TX Were left in critical condition and had to be life flighted to Memorial Herman after being in a fatal car accident in which they lost both parents( Jesus Moreno&Maria Ines) we are trying to raise as much money as we can to try and help out with funeral expenses and anything that Robert,Isay,and Jonathan need..Anything will help we appreciate your support. Thank you and god bless!




A GOFUNDME account was set up this morning for the family.


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  1. kevincstms

    As an owner of a 2015 Tundra I was pretty well shocked at the damage to both of these vehicles. We all know these two vehicles to be rather large. When you see the kinetic energy combined in a head on collision it makes you realize how lethal this type of accident is. The Officer’s statements regarding paying attention when driving are too often ignored. My prayers go out to the extended family members and the children involved.

  2. kwindham

    This is a tragedy on both sides of this accident. We don’t yet know why the driver swerved into the oncoming lane. We don’t know what drove them to speed and take chances, whether they were responding to some emergency or something else. Hopefully some understanding will come out of the investigation. What we know, is that there are two families that lost loved ones. There are four children that were innocent and without blame that now have lost their parents and are suffering. There are extended familes that are suffering this tremendous loss. Life is a precious gift from God. We need to pray for these children, their families and the responders who have to live with the trauma that comes with living through this tragic accident.

  3. DollyHorton

    I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to find the driver of the Toyota was on meth or drunk. Meth has become the absolute scourge of the country and I wish more stringent laws and tougher sentences were instituted. Too many innocents are killed as a result of meth heads driving and committing crimes.

    1. ClairBurns

      Please do not speculate what you believe to be true. There are many family members that have lost loved ones and are hurt by what has happened. While I agree with you that the laws need to be tougher on drugs, I don’t believe this is the place to start accusing anyone of being under the influence of drugs. The drivers family does realize that it was there daughters fault that this happened. My brother has lost his only daughter, her friends parents have lost their child and all of these poor children have lost their parents. It was a senseless accident. Please think before you post, what if it was your daughter and grandson. Praying for all involved.

      1. kwindham

        Totally agree with you Clair. Praying for healing for these babies and their families and all who were touched by this tragedy.

    2. temerat

      Your comment is irrelevant. She wasn’t drinking, she wasn’t on drugs. She made a mistake. Think before you open your mouth about things you “may think you know but don’t”. A child lost his mother, my friend lost her daughter and sister n law. have respect for people who are having a hard enough time wondering the why’s and what if’s. You don’t help this issue at all. If you want to do anything, how about pray for the families. How about that..

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