Just after 10:15 pm Sunday Cut and Shoot Fire Department was dispatched to a three vehicle major accident with entrapment at Goode City Road and SH 105 East between Security and Cleveland.

When they arrived they found the crash on the bridge over Jay Hawker Creek.  Crews called for a total of four MCHD ambulances and requested PHI Air Medical be dispatched to the scene.Splendora Fire Department was also dispatched to assist.

As crews worked on a 2000 Cadillac Escalade to free the female driver, a male adult passenger and three little girls. Cut and Shoot Fire Fighters were busy trying to free 30 year-old Jackie Glass of Magnolia, Glass was in a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban. With heavy front end damage she was trapped from the waist down. Cut and Shoot crews spent over an hour trying to free her. At times firefighters were having to balance themselves on the bridge railing with a twenty foot drop below. She was finally freed and firefighters discovered a small dog in her lap which was in very bad condition. Another small dog lie dead at her feet. She was transported to Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands in critical condition with a broken arm, pelvis and leg along with internal injuries.

Splendora crews assisted MCHD in stabilizing 28-year-old Leticia Benton who was driving the Escalade. Her male passenger who has not yet been identified and three small girls ages 3,4, and 9. The 3-year-old was very critical with a head injury and was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston by PHI Air Medical. The other children, the male passenger and Benton were transported I to Conroe Regional Hospital in critical condition.

PA lemon Gallegos-Hernandez, 23, of Cleveland was not injured seriously but was transported along with his passenger Brisa Gallegos age 20 and a back seat passenger Nayber Gutierrez 18, of Cleveland to Kingwood Hospital.  They were in a 2002 Ford Explorer.

According to DPS who investigated the crash Glass was westbound on SH 105 and for unknown reasons crossed the center line striking the Escalade left front to left front. Glass’ truck came to rest on the eastbound bridge railing. The Escalade came to rest on the westbound bridge rail. The road being extremely dark when the driver of the Explorer, unable to see the Escalade partially in the westbound lane Hernandez  struck the rear of the Escalade spinning it one hundred eighty degrees.

It is not believed any of the three drivers were impaired.

The road reopened at 3 am.

Ironically Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the crash that killed a family of four just one hundred yards down the road.

It happened at 5:30 am when Kevin Golden of Roman  Forest lost control of his pickup on the rain slick road. He struck a Volkswagen Jetta driven by Jennifer Clouse, 27 of Cleveland.

Jennifer had gotten up early with her two children Jorden, age 6 and her daughter Bailey, age 8. She was driving her husband Nathan to work.

All four members of the Clouse family perished in the crash. Golden was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The rain was so intense and the road so dark that another vehicle not able to see the scene slammed into the engine that was broken away from the pickup in the crash.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and The Texas Department of Public Safety investigated the crash.

Witnesses said the rain was so heavy that it looked like a river coming down the roadway from the overpass.

The District Attorney’s Office did not file any charges but it was sent to the Montgomery County Grand Jury. After the jury panel heard the evidence they found no criminal act had been committed and no-billed Golden in the crash.











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  1. spk

    Don’t we have someone in the county whose job it is to figure out the areas that are high accident-prone and see that something is done in those areas–widen the road, straighten the road, etc–to keep down the many accidents in that one area, such as the area of Nichols Sawmill Road in Magnolia where the above article says there have ben four recent accidents? Does anyone pay attention? Is there anyone whose job it is to give time and energy to these problems?

  2. gebenhoeh

    Sad accident! My thought is that you should not have dogs on your lap or allowed to run free in your car when driving.
    I see it all the time and it should be illegal if it not already.
    Have actually seen a dog jump out of a moving car.

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