crighton road driver has something to be thankful for

Thanksgiving was not a good day for 33-year-old Noe Yanez-Moreno of Conroe. It started out with his vehicle not running so he borrowed his fathers Avalanche. However he can be thankful he was not seriously injured.

As he traveled west on Crighton Road form Interstate-45 he lost control in a curve and struck a tree. The impact was so great that the frame broke off the body of the truck and was bent at a 90-degree angle to it.

The driver who was reported entrapped was standing inside the undamaged interior of the truck unable to get out. He finally exited the vehicle just before Conroe Fire Department arrived on the scene.

He was transported with minor scrapes , bruises and a possible broken wrist.

Crighton Road was closed for almost forty-five minutes as the accident was investigated. Alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the accident..

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