custody hearing in conroe

A CPS hearing took place today to determine the next step for little Michael Spurlock who remains in the hospital in stable condition. The family members were be present.

At the hearing it was determined that the child will remain in CPS custody.  They will next start interviewing family members to decide which one of them would be best suited to care for the child after his recovery.  The father is not one they will consider due to fears that he was not able to keep the Michael safe.

According to investigators, on March 17, the Daphe Spurlock,  sliced her son’s throat with a kitchen knife and stomped on his head and chest, crushing his chest cavity. Spurlock confessed to police that she was trying to rid her son of demons. Detectives said Spurlock also told authorities she was very religious.

Spurlock still remains in the Montgomery County Jail.

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  1. ea_russell827

    I’m Religious too, let me share a cell with her for a few minutes.

    I pray for this baby and I hope this woman never get out of Prison where she belongs!!!

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