Cut-N-Shoot VFD Needs Voters’ Support Today! Saturday May 11

The fire fighters of Cut-N-Shoot Volunteer Fire Department are asking for the support of our citizens. We all understand no one likes to discuss taxes, but they need to be discussed in order to ensure the continuation and growth of your local Cut and Shoot Fire Department.

We are asking the citizens of the Montgomery County Emergency Services District #12 and Cut-N-Shoot VFD to support your fire department in this election. This sales tax election would only affect the area outside the City of Cut and Shoot and outside the East Montgomery County Improvement District. The plus-side to this election is it will allow the citizens not living in our District that utilize our emergency services to help absorb the cost. If they stop at any of the stores or spend money in our District, they will be helping defray the costs of emergency services to all in the District. This moves the burden from residents only, to all citizens traveling through the District. We know too well of the accidents we have on Highway 105. Some of the accidents do not involve Montgomery County ESD #12 citizens; they involve travelers not paying for the emergency services rendered by our District’s fire fighters.

We are asking for your support in this election to allow Montgomery County ESD #12 and Cut-N-Shoot VFD to be able to staff the fire station on Hwy 105 just east of North Walker Road next door to the Security Community Center. We have begun reconstruction of the existing Security fire station, and we are increasing the size of the building to provide new living quarters. This fire station currently only responds if a volunteer is not at work or otherwise unavailable to respond. We are asking for your support so we will be able to staff the station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which will enable the District fire fighters to provide shorter response times to serve your needs. It is hoped that by providing this additional service, your home insurance premiums may also eventually be lowered.

Early voting starts April 29 2013 and the main election is May 11 2013. Come out and support your local Fire Department.

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  1. firefyter

    Vote NO! If the ESD would not mismanage the funds they have then they would not need this tax. The tax applies to residents also. So not only do you pay an ESD tax you also will have to pay a sales tax when you shop locally.They can bill the insurance company of non esd residents if they so choose.

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