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District Attorney Brett Ligon is proud to announce that four additional prosecutors in his office became Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Mike Holley, Andrew James, Bill Delmore, and Jason Larman with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office were notified last week that they had obtained board certification from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in their respective fields. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization recognizes attorneys that have demonstrated a commitment to a particular specialty area in their practice. Attorneys must also pass a comprehensive examination that covers all facets of their specialty.

Mike Holley

Mike Holley, the newly appointed First Assistant, obtained his board certification in general Criminal Law. Mike started his career in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer in the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. The Army then sent Mike to law school, and he subsequently became a Military Prosecutor. Mike graduated Summa Cum Laude from Abilene Christian University and The Texas Tech School of Law, and he has a Masters of Law from the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Andrew James

Andrew James, the newly assigned Vehicular Crimes Chief, also obtained his board certification in general Criminal Law. Andrew graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Andrew also obtained his law degree from Baylor in 2007. Andrew was admitted to the bar in November of 2007 and immediately began working at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney. Andrew has served in a number of positions in the office, including Misdemeanor Division Chief and as the Chief Prosecutor in multiple District Courts.

Bill Delmore

Bill Delmore, Chief of the Legal Services Bureau, obtained his board certification in Criminal Appellate Law. A graduate of the University of Texas and the University of Houston Law Center, Bill clerked for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals before joining the Harris County district attorney’s office as a misdemeanor trial prosecutor. Before retiring from Harris County in September of 2008, he served as general counsel to the district attorney, John B. Holmes, Jr.; as the chief of the appellate division; and as the chief of the Legal Services Bureau. In January of 2009, Bill ended his brief retirement to join the staff of his former Harris County intern, Brett Ligon. He supervises prosecutors in the appellate and intake divisions of the district attorney’s office, and serves as special counsel to the district attorney.

Jason Larman

Jason Larman also obtained his certification in Criminal Appellate Law. Jason graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science in economics. Jason obtained his law degree from Southern Methodist University in 2010, and he was admitted to the bar in November of 2010. Jason began working with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office as an assistant district attorney assigned to the appellate division in January of 2011.

District Attorney Brett Ligon: “Our office now has eight attorneys board certified in general Criminal Law and two board certified in Criminal Appellate Law. I believe that it is my job to hire and train up the best and the brightest attorneys to represent the citizens of Montgomery County. These gentlemen have proven, both through their hard work at the office and their hard work to obtain their board certification, that the citizens of this county are well represented.”

Why is Board Certification Significant? Consider these excerpts from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization website (

“Mark of Excellence”

“Board Certification is a mark of excellence and a distinguishing accomplishment.”

“Within the Texas legal community, Board Certification means an attorney has substantial, relevant experience in a select field of law as well as demonstrated, and tested, special competence in that area of law.”

“A Distinguished Few”

“There are more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas. Only 7,450 are Board Certified.”

“Board Certified lawyers earn the right to publicly represent themselves as a specialist in a select area of the law. In fact, they are the only attorneys allowed by the State Bar of Texas to do so. This designation sets them apart as being an attorney with the highest, public commitment to excellence in their area of law.”

“The process is voluntary and can only take place after an attorney has been in practice for five years, with a minimum of three years experience in the specialty area.”

“Moreover, Board Certification is not a one-time event. It requires an ongoing involvement in the specialty area which is periodically substantiated with references from peers in that field. It also requires annual professional refreshment through TBLS approved, continuing legal education course work to stay abreast of current trends in law.”

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