Just after 5:30 p.m. Friday the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call of an accident with shots fired in the 17400 block of Firetower, Road which is between FM 2090 and SH 242. Units arrived on the scene and found an armored van on its side and a Camaro which was stolen in Houston crashed into the fence. According to witnesses three vehicles, the Camaro, a Lincoln Navigator and a Ford Expedition were parked on Firetower Road near Hayden Road. The van passed them on their normal route to Applied Machinery Company where they cash payroll checks on Fridays.

They gave chase and when the van attempted to turn into the driveway at Applied Machinery, the Camaro rammed the van several times flipping it over onto it’s side. A male then exited the Camaro and fired a shot into the windshield of the drivers side. There was a secondary bullet proof glass shield behind the windshield which was not penetrated.  By this time the other vehicles fled leaving the lone robber with the van. He was able to retrieve a minimal amount of cash before he fled into the woods on the west side of Firetower toward Caney Creek.

A DPS helicopter was requested and searched the area for a male dressed in all black with a black beanie. They and patrol units came up empty handed. Detectives remained on the scene until 10pm taking statements from witnesses, many of whom were just getting off work,

The man and woman in the van suffered minor injuries.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office would like to hear from any person who may have seen what happened or have additional information that may help investigators locate the suspects.


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  1. LocalDrifter

    Ya never know just what’ll make it past the MCPR Enigma Machine algorithm of social correctness and decorum. Some of my stuff may not be pretty to read but you can’t argue its truthfulness.

  2. imright

    Seeing this just makes me sick. If you need money get a damn job. It seems like every day goes by and crime rate just keeps going up around here:(

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