At approximately 3:40 a.m. on September 27, 2018, two African American males entered the Denny’s restaurant in Shenandoah armed with handguns. One additional African American suspect was involved as a getaway driver waiting outside the restaurant in a white 1999 GMC Suburban.

Once inside, the first of the African American suspects pointed his weapon at a female server and demanded she go to the floor as he seized her cellphone. The second of the African American suspects forced the female manager to an area where the safe was located. The suspect provided the manager with a bag and demanded she fill the bag with cash from the safe.

The suspect then forced the manager to go to the register at the front of the restaurant. The suspect pulled out the cash register drawer and stole additional cash from the register. The first African American suspect accosted an elderly couple in the dining area in an attempt to rob them at gunpoint. The elderly couple refused the suspect’s demands. The suspect then left the elderly couple and rejoined the other suspect as the two fled the scene.

Once outside, the two suspects entered the white Suburban where the getaway driver was ready to leave the Denny’s parking lot. The three suspects then fled the Denny’s parking lot but were acquired by Officer J. Ledesma who was able to observe the suspect vehicle as it drove away. A pursuit ensued south along Interstate 45 exiting at the Hardy Toll Road then south to the Bush Airport Connector heading into Bush Airport. The vehicle failed to make the exit ramp, hitting the esplanade which disabled the vehicle.

All three suspects exited the suspect vehicle and fled on foot when the suspect vehicle crashed at Greens Road at JFK Boulevard. The suspects entered a wooded area leaving numerous pieces of evidence as they ran. Shenandoah officers were assisted by the Houston Police Department in a search for the suspects but two remain at large. One suspect is detained and investigation is underway. Shenandoah Police Chief, Raymond M. Shaw is confident the remaining suspects will be identified and warrants obtained for their arrests.


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  1. WoodlandsDude

    This “chase” looks pretty lame. The ORN officer should have been joined by plenty of other LE from other agencies.- not just the two others we see in the video. This failure by LE to stop and apprehend thereby allowing two perps to completely escape, including committing another carjacking later that day is a disgrace and a stain on all local LE who came to the party way too late, or didn’t come at all. LE is failing the citizenry and the young black thugs of Houston know there is easy money to be scooped up only a short drive North in The Woodlands area.

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