Around 2 a.m. Sunday, members of the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office initiated a felony warrant service at a residence in the vicinity of SH 242 and Lexington Drive. They made contact with the homeowner and received permission to enter the residence. The adult male suspect was inside, and confronted deputies with a firearm, forcing them to discharge their weapons, striking the suspect.

The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’ s Office Major Crimes Unit along with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office responded to the scene, as is standard protocol in an officer involved shooting.

The deputies have been temporarily placed on administrative leave, which is also standard procedure.

The deceased is identified as Wesley Maloy White 03/30/80.

No additional information will be released at this time.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    Does it bother any of you law abiding folks out there to think that some of these people might be your neighbor? It does me. That’s why I’m armed and legged.

  2. LOL29

    1. Coward
    a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
    -A word from the English language
    I think maybe your calling the wrong people a coward. he didn’t want to go back to prison so he took the cowardly way out. On the other hand the officers went after a felon known to carry a weapon. They took action in a dangerous situation.

  3. dimitrafatten

    I was with Wesley for 4 years. Y’all people who are posting this bull are pathetic. You are cowards. Talk I g about someone who can no longer defend himself. Y’all are far worse then he ever could be. Even though he was a criminal he had a heart. Y’all are nothing but heartless pieces of pathetic trash. He has paid his price for anything he has done. And you will surely pay yours. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe low disgusting you are. But here are a few words for u.

  4. spk

    Maybe you should ‘back off.’ This is a newspaper and people’s opinions don’t have to agree with yours. Shame! Do criminals have ‘respect’ for others? I didn’t think so or they wouldn’t be arrested because they abuse others. You don’t ‘respect’ cops by pulling a gun on them. Do you know the meaning of the words you are using?

  5. LocalDrifter

    He recently gave me a necklace
    I’d have made sure he had a receipt.

    the many times we prayed together
    I’d have checked my purse after having eyes closed for so long.

  6. Rachel Jackson

    I feel for the family of this man, they must have so many unanswered questions concerning their son’s, brother or etc. death. From his last mug shot he looked to have been beat badly yet he shows to be a non-violent criminal by his previous records. Wonder who did the beating? Everyone always assumes the law enforcement to be in the right but honestly why must a warant be initiated at 2am. Having your door kicked in during the middle of the night might scare anyone enough to grab a gun if they had one. No one really knows what happened that night except the officers in question and if they did the right thing then so be it, God sees all and everyone will be held accountable and judged accordingly. I pray for strength and mercy for all involved.

  7. LocalDrifter

    The guy must have produced quite an impressive resume’ for a woman to, out of all other possible candidates within courting distance, pick HIM as the one to father a child with.

    (As a follow up to the story I’m sure everyone would like to know where the piece he pulled on the cops came from. I doubt they handed the very same one cited in the bond forfeiture for felon in possession above back to him)

  8. lindsey smitherman

    Spk have respect for his family and kids. Everyone can have an opinion but one day his kids will be curious and look it up and what will they see?! People like you. He wasn’t perfect, he was far from it but he was someonws baby and he has his own kida so back off.

  9. bjross

    Sweet Jesus, thank you for all the wonderful memories of Wesley White. I loved him dearly, he had a heart of gold and always made me smile! He was a real friend and he often told me that I was his friendmate for life and throughout eternity. May the Lord Our God give us the strength to live without him. He recently gave me a necklace and said remember him always for his spirit will always and has always been with me since he met me when he was 15 years old. He left behind a beautiful daughter, an awesome mother, a loving brother and his sweet loving aunt, along with many other family members and many friends who love him dearly. Life was hard for Wesley, the many times we prayed together were the most precious memories i have of him and these precious memories I will never let go of. I love you Wesley Maloy White, you were so very special to me and to so many others. Betty Jane

  10. spk

    Shame on drifter and anonymous?
    Shame on White for being a criminal and then given another chance and blowing it again.
    Shame on him for all the misery he has caused.
    Shame on him for putting the cops through all this trauma. Shame, shame, shame!

  11. lindsey smitherman

    At local drifter. I am the mother of gis 4 year old son!! Do you not have any respect?! Seriously screw you. And anonymous2014 please don’t post his records I understand they are public however it isn’t an appropriate time. Shame on you both.

  12. LocalDrifter

    He barely made his 34th birthday. Any gifts given him should be relatively unused and still fall within the return window to get the money back.

  13. anonymous2014

    Prayers for the family of this troubled soul, and especially for the officers involved. I can’t imagine that it doesn’t haunt you when a life is taken, however, they were doing their jobs. A quick google search of the name shows this.
    WHITE, Wesley Maloy

    White/Male DOB: 03/30/1980

    Height: 5’05’’ Weight: 135 lbs.

    Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue


    # 120505398 Bond Forfeiture

    Unlawful Poss. Of a Fire Arm/Felon

    LKA: Curry Rd., Conroe.

    I can imagine that his history is a bit more colored than that.

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