Early Monday morning the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a shooting with multiple victims in the 3600 block of FM 3126 in the Blanchard Community near Lake Livingston. A DPS Trooper was first to arrive on the scene and within minutes confirmed that there was a scene. For most of the day, it was speculated by friends and family that the shooter was Randy J Horn, age 54, who resides in Porter. They also identified the victims as Randy Horn’s wife Ashley and their 15-month-old daughter Ranley. Also Ashley’s grandparents Lynda, age 72 and 72-year-old Carlos “Gene Delaney. The rock home which sits approximately 100-yards off FM Fm 3126 on close to 100-acres was purchased in 2011. This after the Delaney’s moved from their home in Patton Village where Lynda had been on the Patton Village City Council. Several residents of Patton Village posted condolences on their Facebook pages tonight. Investigators found Horn’s body and Gene’s body inside the home. All the others were under a breezeway outside. Multiple firearms were found at the location. According to Polk County Chief Deputy Lyons, a sole survivor was Ashley’s mother, who was sleeping in a back bedroom when she woke up close to 5:30 am and heard popping noises. She then called her son, who called the police. Lyons said they are questioning the woman who was locked in the back bedroom when they arrived to better understand the timeline. He did say however that she is not a suspect. Lyons is not yet calling it a murder-suicide until the autopsies at the Jefferson County Medical Examiners Office is complete. He did say they are not looking for a suspect but until the results are in they will not refer to it as a murder-suicide. Lyons said it would be tough to find out a different scenario played out and have to retract what they said. A situation like the one today played out years ago in Houston where Homicide Detectives called it a murder-suicide on several people found dead. They later had to retract their findings when it was determined by additional evidence and autopsy that the shooter, in that case, was actually killed by one of the victims before the victim died. A family member said that Ashley had come to the ranch on Sunday evening. The family member speculated Ashley was about to leave Randy. In October of 2018, Ashley filed for divorce in Montgomery County. However, according to court records, both sides represented themselves and in November 2018 dropped the case without prejudice. Horn had been married previously and fathered 2-children. That marriage ended in April 2017.

At approximately 12:30 am on Monday Randy posted the above image on his Facebook Page stating, “And this is why I can’t be out in the bars at night….blood on the floor!”

At 5:30 pm on Sunday he posted on his Facebook the above image. He commented saying, “It’s time to pay up for all the bad Decisions you made in life…never bet your life on someone because you never know….”

Horn frequented Players Lounge in Porter where he seemed to spend a lot of time playing Poker. Horn is also a former heavyweight boxer and was associated with the Hard Hitters Boxing Club in Porter. In a 2014 Houston Chronicle story Horn began the organization in 2004 and housed the club in Cleveland and Splendora before finally deciding to open up shop in Porter. He now has several former students, including 22-year-old Cleveland native Lionel Torrez. These boxers are looking to turn their hobby into a professional career. Horn sold the gym on February 10, 2017, Horn was arrested several times in Montgomery County. In 2006 he was arrested providing alcohol to a minor. He was fined and given probation in that case. In March of 2016, he received a DWI in Montgomery County for which he did 3-days jail time. One year later almost to the day he got a second DWI in Montgomery County and was one-year probation.

Lyons added, “This is something that has rocked the community and our law enforcement. Each one of us has kids at home, and when you look at a scene like this, it touches home.”


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