Just after midnight a Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy attempted to stop a possible intoxicated driver. The driver turned into Summerset Estates Subdivision where he exited the vehicle. After the deputy asked for the suspects drivers license the suspect grabbed the deputies radio and punched him several times. For almost 10 minutes the deputy, calling for help when he was able struggled with the suspect on the ground before the suspect finally broke his radio. The suspect attempted top gain control of the deputies taser but was unable to. The deputy was then able to tase the suspect which had no effect on him and he continued to fight. A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy was first to arrive on the scene as the suspect then attempted to assault him also. He was arrested and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

The Precinct 4 deputy received facial injuries and a knee injury.

Additional details later.

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  1. staceys75

    Thank god the officer is ok! Police have to see & go through so much! I have nothing but respect & love for all of them! Whether some want to realize it These men & women put their own lives on the line everyday for all of us!!

  2. LazyCop

    One of Mr. Hussain Obama’s amnesty boys…or just a randon illegal with no interest in amnesty…so many drunks on the roads nowdays…so few DWI cops to deal with them. Guess if the Deputy would have shot and killed him…all Hispanic Illegal Hel! would break loose..good job law enforcement…stay safe and get them all.

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