Deputies respond to Family Violence call where victim was soaked with boiling hot kitchen grease.

On August 14th, 2019 around 10 p.m., Defendant, Calandra Johnson, 42, from Coldspring, was taken into custody and charged with felony Aggravated Assault causing serious bodily injury after allegedly dousing her boyfriend, Carl Goudeau, 44, Coldspring, with boiling hot kitchen grease.
Deputies with the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office and EMS were dispatched to a call for assistance off of Parker Street in Coldspring. Upon the arrival of the authorities, Defendant Johnson told the Deputies she and Goudeau were engaged in an argument over him kicking and breaking her computer and various other domestic relationship issues throughout the day. According to the Deputies report, sometime after the argument ended, Goudeau was inside lying on his bed, shirtless, when the pot of boiling hot grease heated from the stove was thrown onto his shirtless body at the hands of the Defendant Johnson.
The burns were very extensive and blisters the size of softballs was all over the back and head of Goudeau. Investigators are still sorting out the details surrounding and what led to the argument. Goudeau was treated at the scene by EMS and transported to a local hospital for burns to his torso. The injuries to Goudeau are not anticipated to be life-threatening. There is no other information available on Goudeaus’ condition.
Records indicated that Defendant Johnson had two prior arrests on misdemeanor charges.
Defendant Johnson bond was set at $20,000.00 and she is currently held at the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division

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