Today at approximately 11:00 AM the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was called to the McDonald’s Restaurant at 3275 SH 242. Original reports came in as a robbery was in progress sending multiple units to the scene.

When deputies arrived they arrested 20 year old Arturo Hernandez Lara for aggravated assault, violation of a protective order, possession of a stolen pistol and fraudulent use of identifying information.

Deputies learned that Lara came to McDonald’s, confronted and threatened his brother-in-law in the parking lot by holding a gun to the brother-in-law’s head. Lara put the pistol into waistband and then went into the restaurant to place a food order. The victim waited outside for deputies to arrive.
Deputy Andy Nedrow arrested Lara inside the busy McDonalds without incident. Deputies found that there was a protective order issued against Lara in November of 2009 preventing him from threatening or coming near his girlfriend. Lara’s girlfriend was working at the serving line at the time of this incident. No one was injured. Lara’s girlfriend and brother-in-law are both employed at McDonald’s.

The gun taken from Lara was a stolen handgun that was taken in a burglary in The Woodlands on March 29, 2010. Lara had in his possession a fraudulent social security card with a number to a resident in Detroit, MI. Lara’s brother-in-law did not know a reason for the threat.

Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the incident and other charges could be possible.

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