August 17, 2022 2:36 pm

Posted: 22.2.2015 7:04


Just before midnight Saturday Harris County Emergency Corp was dispatched to a scene in the 15000 block of Chrisman at Connorvale. It was reported that two people had been shot and a vehicle was on fire. When they arrived on the scene they were met by over one hundred people with vehicles on both sides of the road and in driveways. Most were older teens. Units pulled back to wait on Harris County deputies who were responding. The first Harris County deputy arrived and learned that some shots had been fired down the street but nobody was hit. As she attempted to clear the crowds a highly intoxicated Hispanic male drove by the deputy and as he did he struck a van and kept going. The female deputy was able to run to his vehicle and as she attempted to subdue him, he began fighting with her. An assist the officer was called in as a medic who had just gone in service after being disregarded witnessed it and jump out to assist. A photographer on the scene who also witnessed it also jumped out of his vehicle to assist. As all three attempted to subdue the suspect, partygoers began throwing beer bottles and cans at with at least one making contact with the three attempting to take the man down and one hitting the suspect.

When the assist the officer went out multiple wreckers responded and were able to keep the crowd back and several calmed the situation as they communicated with many of the partygoers in Spanish

The suspect was then transported to the hospital in stable condition. Additional deputies began to arrive and assisted in dispersing the crowd. Many of the partygoers were juveniles.