August 19, 2022 3:57 pm

Posted: 2.7.2021 0:47


Williams Airport started in 1946 and was located on Porter Lane in Porter. Exactly 10 miles north of George Bush Airport. It started out as a grass runway. It was sold in 1973 and the grass strip was soon upgraded to a caliche runway. A pilot there owned an auto repair shop. He would spray the old motor oil on the runway to keep down the dust. It was soon upgraded to an asphalt runway. It was complete with fuel and a flight school. In 2008 it was sold again to Herbert Jeffries and his wife Mary. Jeffries owned a tower business and saw the need for a local airport. They owned a plane which helped with the decision to have an airport closer to home. Just after the purchase, Ike destroyed most of the buildings but soon Jeffries had it back up to speed with several improvements, fencing, fuel pumps, and new hangers. He also purchased an extra almost 100 acres, cleared the trees, and extended the runway to 6,000 feet. In 2014 Jeffries sold the airport to a group of investors. Then in June of 2019, it was again sold to Maple Heights Development. At midnight Wednesday, the airport officially closed. Century Development has been clearing land behind the airport for the new Porter Heights Subdivision. The subdivision will include over 3000 homes of $300,000 plus. Most of the land clearing and site work is being done by K+K Construction of Willis. Demolition of the airport is scheduled to start immediately and will be part of the subdivision for home lots.
On Saturday, June 26, 2021, a going-away party of sorts was held complete with music and food.

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