Devon Davis’ Parents Snatch Daughter, Head North, No Law Broken

The parents of 2-year-old drowning victim Devon Davis have found themselves in another precarious position with police. Officials say Tuesday evening, Michael and April Davis barged into the home where Child Protective Services placed their 1-year-old daughter, grabbed the little girl and fled. A subsequent check of their last known residence, where Devon drowned, revealed they had packed up all their belongings prior to snatching Abbygail.

The Davis family had cooperated with the placement until Tuesday, regularly visiting little Abbygail at the home on CR3183 off of CR318 south of Cleveland. No one anticipated a problem, according to authorities.

Captain Rex Evans of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said that agency received a report of a possible kidnapping around 6 p.m., with the caller stating CPS paperwork was in place and the parents did not have the authority to take the child.

LCSO launched an investigation, Evans said, and soon learned there was never actually a court order in effect to enforcement placing the child with the foster family. There was only a civil agreement between CPS and the parents. Therefore, no Amber Alert was issued and it does not appear a crime was committed.

Evans said contact was made with Mr. and Mrs. Davis and a meeting was negotiated in Tyler County around 9 p.m.

“I was able to observe that they were not impaired or intoxicated in any way, that the child was in good health and good spirits,” Evans said. “They had diapers, food, formula, things for the child and they were allowed to continue on their way.”

Evans said CPS has the option to continue with their investigation, but for now, the family is free to move on with their lives, which appears to include heading back to Virginia where they lived up until about a week before Devon’s death. They moved to Texas where Michael Davis started a new job. He was at that job when his wife says she laid down for a nap with her two small children but awoke to find her son missing. Since shortly after Devon Davis’s death, the couple has also been without their daughter. According to Captain Evans, they finally reached their limit.

“The loss of their son had been tragic enough and not having their daughter was just more than they could bear,” Evans said.

The couple had become “very frustrated and upset” with CPS and they wanted their daughter back.

They were unwilling to talk to some people, but trusted Captain Evans and he was ultimately able to negotiate a meeting with them to ensure the child’s well-being.

He said although the family was headed back to Virginia, his office would continue to do their job.

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  2. Jamie Nash

    No, you didn’t get “this straight,” and frankly, you were also rude.
    Yes, they “snatched” the child. They didn’t know they weren’t breaking the law – they handled it like kidnappers and it was reported to police as such because the people caring for the little girl were alarmed by what happened. At first, everyone including the parents, thought a law was broken. Therefore, the headline was accurate – not sensationalized and not “stooping” to some level. Anyone who uses “punked” as a verb shouldn’t scold or critique anyone’s writing.

  3. justalken

    Because they do what they want legal r not. because people don’t no there rights & fight back. These parents new theres & I hope they continue to fight them if they don’t back off.

  4. texaswc

    Texicandog .. it was because of the death of their son .. I disagree with the child being removed from their home .. accidents happen, and the mother, when she took a nap, broke no laws, either moral or legal .. it is tragic that the son died, and I doubt anyone would have expected him to wake up, unlock the door, and go outside .. as for CPS and their ideas, I haven’t a clue behind their decision and I think there are many instances where they stick their noses in where it doesn’t need to be .. personally, I hope this is the end of their ordeal and they can get on with their lives, in peace …

  5. Michelle

    CPS needs to be filed against for this! This sounds like an honest accident, if that was me I would have never let CPS take my daughter away W/O a court order an a warrant!

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