Jim Morris of Morris Builders in Willis is a Montgomery County Precinct 1 Volunteer Rescue Diver. Over the years, he has helped the community in many ways. He has always been there when something was needed. Thursday morning, he left Huntsville and traveled to Willis. He stopped by the bank on FM 1097 before going down the road to his office. He had been at his office a very short time and was running late for the Conroe Police Memorial. As he left his office he noticed his passenger door ajar light was on and got out to close the door. He said he knew it had not been on prior and nobody rode in the passenger seat. Morris attended the Police Memorial and stopped to talk to several officers after. He was parked in the parking lot at the corner of Davis and Frazier with close to 50 other patrol cars. An office leaving was approached by a citizen who handed him two clips from a pistol and told the officer she had found them on the ground thinking an officer lost them. Moments later the officer noticed the truck own by Morris had been broken into, the center console dumped out. Morris was notified and when he got to his truck found $1200 that had been in the center console missing. His pistols were still secure in a truck vault. Police believe he is the victim of a jugging incident. This is where someone follows you from the bank, knowing you have cash and finds a good time to take it. In this case all the patrol cars didn’t bother the thief. If anyone saw anything your asked to call the Conroe Police Department or Precinct 1 Constables Office.

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