Late Friday afternoon as Judge Hamilton waited on the jury to decide punishment for she cleared some of her docket that had backed up over the week due to the trial.
One of the first people she had before her as Melissa Suzanne Bailey of Splendora.
Ms. Bailey was arrested December 13, 2009 when SIU raided Treasure Island Game Room on Payne Road in New Caney.. She had bonded out but was rearrested after she was indicted on three counts of engaging in organized crime and one count of money laundering.
As her attorney argued why his clients bond should be reduced from $50,000 to $1500 including she had a child at home and low flight risk.
Assistant District Attorney Claudia Laird argued the her husband Randy Lee Bailey was still out on the streets after he was indicted on a money laundering charge also. She argued if Melissa was released there was indeed a flight risk with him still on the run. She even showed Judge Hamilton the latest Crime Stoppers page which Randy Bailey appeared in.
At this point the attorney chimed in that he could fix that. He turned to the spectators in the court room and said, ” Mr. Bailey would you please stand up.”
At that point a white male in a black t-shirt stood.
Ms. Laird realizing who he was advised Judge Hamilton who then asked Bailey if he had answered the warrant yet. Bailey advised no as deputies rushed to him taking him in custody.
Judge Hamilton still denied Melissa Bailey’s bond reduction.
Both husband and wife now sit in the Montgomery County Jail on $50,000 bond each.
Frustrated, the attorney advised Judge Hamilton he would appeal the denial to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals next week.

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