Is this your dog? Found on S Duck Creek Rd between Hwy 105 & Old 105. Beautiful, healthy looking female, ?Husky mix?…from her coat you can tell she wore a collar, but no longer. Seems to have had a litter of puppies maybe within last 3-6 months. Very sweet. Has a scar above her left eyebrow. Currently at my house. I will take her to MCAS Tues am to scan for a microchip. She looks very familiar to me as if she had been at the shelter recently. — with Jeremy Freeman and Patricia Hodges at Security, TX.

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  1. Wm11

    I saw a sign on a pole at 105 and 1484 yesterday about a Husky,pretty sure that was where it was. I was on floursent green poster board. Did not say much. Think it had a phone number. Can’t remember if it was “Lost” or “Found”. Sorry!

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